Shree Jana Primary School, Nuwakot: Open!!!

This Spring we celebrated the grand opening of Shree Jana Primary School, a two room school that Good Earth Nepal has built in cooperation with Australian organization, Birds of Passage, who funded the construction. The opening was a great success, attended by members of Nepal Reconstruction Authority, Nepal Engineers Association and journalists from leading newspapers.


We were also very pleased to have Dr. Owen Geiger join us for this great opening of our second finished Earthbag school. It looks like the children were happy to have him there!

Hands-on Workshop with Dr. Owen Geiger in Phulping

Together with Dr. Geiger, our Method Ambassador, Good Earth Nepal conducted a two-day hands-on workshop in Phulping, Sindupalchowk where we are reconstructing a school. This workshop was part of Dr. Geiger's three week tour of Nepal, sponsored by the GLS Treuhand Bank and Schock Familien Stiftung oundation.

       Trainees at Dr. Geiger's Workshop in Collaboration with Good Earth Nepal

       Trainees at Dr. Geiger's Workshop in Collaboration with Good Earth Nepal

This project is unique as we are reusing an existing foundation, metal poles, roof trusses, windows and doors. We are using Earthbags to reconstruct the old school with these recycled materials. 

Dr. Geiger was there to share tips and tricks and assist us in leading a more advanced technical workshop. Among trainees were Nepali architects and engineers, several villagers, and volunteers from Spain, UK, Israel, and USA.

Good Earth Nepal team attends Earthbag Rebuild Nepal Summit in Kathmandu

Good Earth Nepal team attended first Earthbag Rebuild Nepal Summit in Kathamndu organized by First Steps Himalayas. It was great to see engineers, architects, builders, NGOs and non-profit organizations coming from all over the world and Nepal to share, learn and spread Earthbag technology. What a great effort to help Nepal to recover from Earthquake!

Owen Geiger, internationally acclaimed Earthbag expert arrives to Nepal

Good Earth Nepal welcomes Owen Geiger, the internationally acclaimed Earthbag building author and instructor who just arrived to Nepal. He will teach Earthbag technology for the full month of September and the beginning of October. 

The training will be conducted at Osho Tapoban International in Nagarjun Hill (a short public bus ride from Balaju Bypass in KTM).  The duration of each training workshop is 2 days.

To learn more and to register for the workshops, please visit training Facebook Page:


Earthbag house for Kamala is completed

We are excited to announce that we have successfully completed the Earthbag house for a widow Kamala and her 2 daughters. This unique project was built during monsoon season. It was a challenge, but as they say: "if there is a will, there is a way". We also have installed smokeless oven for Kamala.