Advocacy and Government Relations 

We know the benefits of Earthbags are best realized by promoting acceptance of the technology among those who matter most, government officials and building and engineering professionals.       

Towards this end Good Earth Global has lobbied political leaders, designed for government departments and collaborated with college professors and administrators. We also work closely with leading professional and technical societies, and have introduced Earthbag technology to sustainable building and environmental groups around the world.     

Our persistence has paid off. After a year and a half of conferences, meetings and presentations we recently persuaded the government of Nepal, population 28,000,000, to became the first country in the world to officially approve of Earthbag technology and adopt it as a safe and recommended building technique. In India, our model Earthbag structures are being erected on government-supported college campuses, and we're introducing the technology to a whole new generation of student engineers, architects and builders. Our technical articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals, and our abstracts accepted by prestigious environmental institutes.     

All this serves to establish Earthbag technology as a “mainstream” building technique, and to bring Earthbag building to the widest possible audience. We look forward to more such endeavors, and to spreading the benefits of Earthbag building far and wide.