Earthbag Houses for widows fundraiser

We are raising money to build 10 Earthbag Houses for 10 widows and their kids in Kavre, where Good Earth Global has already built three earthquake-resistant homes for widows in need.


Nepal is a patriarchal society, and discrimination against women is rampant. Single women are marginalized.

Widows, called "Bidhwa", are subject to special scorn, thought to be symbols of ill-omen and the cause of their husband's death. Discriminatory laws and policies abound, with religious traditions and practices making things tougher still.

Good Earth Global can't change longstanding Nepali traditions, but we can make things easier for single women and widows, giving them and their families a fighting chance.

The 10 single women we’re building for were selected with help of the Deputy Major of Novabhudda village and the non-profit group Women for Human Rights (WHR), an organization which works to secure the political, social, cultural and economic rights of single women in Nepal.


The first three Earthbag houses recipients:

1. Mangali family

73 year-old Kanchi Maya lives with her daughter Mangali and two grandchildren, a 12 year-old daughter and an 18-year boy. Their family house was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake.


Mangali’s husband died four years ago, leaving the family with just 3 ropani of land. That’s not enough to feed a family, so Mangali works full-time on a neighbor’s farm to earn additional money, in addition to taking care of her mother and children at home.

After the earthquake the family received $500.00 from the government to rebuild their house, but they ended up spending over $1,000 just to build the foundation.  At present they live together in a tin shack exposed to the elements.


2. Maiya Pariyar

60 year-old Maiya Pariyar lives alone, doesn’t own any property and lives in what remains of a house almost completely destroyed by the earthquake. She sews clothes for other people in the village but there isn’t nearly enough work, and often she can’t even afford to buy clothes for herself.


Maiya was the ninth wife of her late husband, and is blamed for not giving him a child. For this reason the woman next door terrorizes her day and night, claiming she’s a witch doing all sorts of evil things. Often Maiya is afraid to go home, and sleeps on the doorsteps of other people in the village.


3. Sabitri


Sabitri is 60 years old, and has no close family. She owns a very small piece of land, not nearly big enough to cultivate, so to survive she helps raise cattle for others in the mountains, a difficult and dangerous job. 
Sabitri lives in a tin shack, by herself.