Breakthrough: Government Approval

In March our intensive lobbying and technical support led to Nepal's approval of Earthbag technology at the federal level. For the first time ever a sovereign country,  population 30,000,000, adopted Earthbag construction as a standard and recommended construction technique, suitable for large-scale building. 


This is our biggest accomplishment to date and, we believe, a turning point in the evolution of Earthbag technology. With this approval Earthbag construction, finally, emerges as amainstream, commercially viable building method.

Also gratifying was the publication of our home designs in Nepal's Design Catalogue for Reconstruction of Earthquake Resistant Houses, Vol 2, printed by the Ministry of Urban Development.  This means Good Earth Global plans and blueprints will be distributed to thousands of Nepali government engineers, and that Earthbag technology is now an official building option for rural villagers receiving government reconstruction aid.

We're immensely proud of our staff, which endured many all-nighters and office sleepovers in order to supply government officials and reconstruction experts with reams upon reams of sophisticated technical data.