School Survey Trip to Phulping Katta

This week Good Earth Nepal team has visited Phulping village in  Sindhupalchok District to survey and take soil samples of a primary school that was destroyed by the earthquake. Together with 108 lives we are planning to rebuild this school using Earthbag technology.

Our group was composed of 8 people and included sherpas from the village, Good Earth Nepal team,  Nepali architects, engineers and a freelance journalist Joshua Ryan.

The remote village Phulping is located in a mountainous area close to Chinese border. Usually it takes 5-6 hours bus ride to reach the village, however due to the multiple landslides caused by monsoon season many sections of the road past Barabesi are completely blocked. We had to ride the bus for 4 hours and then trek for 5 hours to reach the village.

Landslides on our way

Landslides on our way

On our way we saw a lot of destruction. Most of the buildings and houses are destroyed. 

Once we reached the village we were greeted by the school principle, Umiss Barsnit and the kids. 

School Principle, Umiss Barsnit

School Principle, Umiss Barsnit

The school used to have 4 classrooms and 78 kids who attended it. Now all the classrooms are destroyed and only used to store corn. 

Our team took measurements and talked to the principle. He informed us that we are the first people who reached their village to discuss rebuilding since the earthquake.

At the dinner time we were treated with great food, warm tea and locally made rice wine. We slept in a shelter that was used as a Gompa. 

Our sleeping house, used as temporary Gompa

It has been decided to start rebuilding process once the roads are cleared of landslides in approximately 2 months.