Who Are Our Volunteers?

The vast majority of our volunteers have no prior construction experience at all, though we do welcome interested engineers, architects and builders. We’ve hosted solo travelers, schools, businesses, Gap Year students and even entire families (age 8 and up). In fact, our only requirements are a willingness to work hard, an open, curious mind, a reasonable degree of physical fitness, and a desire to, with your own hands, create a better world.

“I had many great experiences: being able to understand the situation, if only a little, in the village and Nepal and then being able to help and being greeted so warmly by the people. “

Gabriel, Brazil

The most challenging thing I faced is the conditions of life are completely different from those ones in my own country.”

Mirella, Bulgaria

“What I liked the most is working with locals and friends, learning more about Nepal, its incredible culture/language.”

Georgia, New Zealand

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