service trips

Our service trips reflect and put into action your organization’s values - sustainable living; global citizenship; respect for diverse cultures not our own; physical and intellectual challenge; the desire to do good in the world.

Earthbag technology builds safe, strong, eco-friendly structures from ordinary soil found beneath people’s feet. The method is simple, easily learned and requires no special skills, making it a perfect fit for volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life.

Good Earth Global’s up close work with those in need ensures a deep immersion into the everyday rhythms and customs of rural Nepali life. Volunteers live and work beside local villagers and meet the families they’re building for. 24/7 supervision by college-educated, English speaking staff assures a safe, wholesome experience.

In a region still recovering from a catastrophic 2015 earthquake, our programs also give participants a tangible, touchable sense of accomplishment, with volunteers knowing structures they built with their own hands will serve impoverished communities for generations to come. At a typical build volunteers do one or more of the following, all requiring teamwork, coordination, and perseverance: digging the foundation, filling the foundation, stuffing Earthbags, sewing Earthbags, stacking Earthbags, painting and plastering, helping install windows and doors, raising a roof, doing various other vital tasks.

We offer flexible housing arrangements, including homestays and group-stays. Dining options range from eating over an open campfire to catered meals served cafeteria style; all foods are freshly prepared by skilled cooks. At the end of the workday volunteers have plenty of time to explore their surroundings, relax with villagers and otherwise make the most of a unique experience.