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Complete Earthbag House Build

Dates: November 1 - November 21 2019

where: Nowabhudda village, kavre district, nepal

Join our workshop for one, two or all three weeks and learn hands-on Earthbag building skills from the foundation to the roof, and build a house for a rural Nepali family in need.

House recipient: 36 year-old Sushila Tolange has a young son and two teenage daughters. For years they suffered at the hands of an abusive husband and father, until they finally left their family home. Sushila’s eldest daughter now lives at the Raksha Nepal Shelter for sexually exploited girls and women. Sushila and her younger children live in a shelter for single women, where Sushlia tends a small vegetable garden and sells the proceeds to support her family.

About Workshop: This is an in-depth Workshop, suitable for both beginners and more advanced builders. In just three weeks we’ll build a fully habitable, earthquake-resistant Earthbag house. Trainees can sign up for one, two or a full three weeks.

Week 1: During the first week of the workshop will perform the following activities:

  • Build Rubble Trench Foundation

  • Install French Drain

  • Lay bags filled with gravel

  • Learn how to select and prepare soil for earthbags

  • Lay bags filled with earth


Week 2: During the second week will complete the earthbag wall and install the bondbeam.

  • Saw bags

  • Prepare soil for bags

  • Lay bags filled with earth

  • Place barbed wire

  • Install windows and doors

  • Install rebars

  • Cast the bondbeam


Week 3: By the end of the 3rd week we intend to complete the plaster and install the roof.

  • Attaching galvanized mesh

  • Mud plastering

  • Cement plastering

  • Laying the floor

  • Creating the footing

  • Installing the roof (done by contractors)


What’s included: The Workshop will be led by Good Earth Global’s experienced, English-speaking team of trainers and master builders, and includes classroom instruction and plenty of hands-on practical training. Our team has trained over 1000 people and built dozens of Earthbag homes, schools and clinics all over Nepal.

You’ll begin with classroom instruction at our Kathmandu headquarters, lunch included. Then its closely-supervised, hands-on training at our worksite in Nowabhdda, Kavre, a rural village in the Himalayan foothills located just 90 minutes outside Kathmandu. You’ll live in a tent, and eat freshly prepared food. At the end of the day there’ll be plenty of time to explore your surroundings, meet with villagers and otherwise make the most of a unique experience. Hikes and weekend excursions are easily arranged.

The Workshop package includes airport pickup; one-night guesthouse accommodation in Kathmandu; classroom instruction with lunch; course materials; transportation to and from the worksite; lodging; food, snacks and bottled water; 24-hour, in-country assistance.


$350 for 1 week

$550 for 2 weeks

$750 for 3 weeks

Registration: To reserve your spot, please submit $200 non-refundable deposit here:

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Please contact info@goodearthglobal.org if you have any questions.